Anker SOLIX C800 Portable Power Station (768Wh, 1200W)

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Get the Anker SOLIX C800 portable power station and never worry about the battery juice or safety of your chargeable gear again – no matter where you are.


Adventurers need full batteries too!

Introducing the Anker SOLIX C800 Portable Power Station – an incredible solution for reliable power on the go. Engineered with advanced technology and unparalleled durability, this powerhouse is designed to keep you charged and connected wherever your adventures take you.

With 10 ports featuring high output, the Anker SOLIX C800 allows you to connect multiple devices simultaneously, ensuring that all your gadgets stay powered up and ready for action. Whether you’re camping, tailgating, or embarking on a road trip, it has you covered.

Built to last, this Anker power station features long-lasting technology that ensures reliable performance for years to come. Say goodbye to worries about power outages or dead batteries – with this power station by your side, you can trust that your devices will stay charged when you need them most.

Equipped with smart temperature control, it ensures safe and efficient operation, even in extreme conditions. Whether you’re using it in hot or cold climates, this power station regulates temperature to prevent overheating and ensure optimal performance.

Featuring built-in storage, this station keeps your gear safe and organized, so you can focus on enjoying your adventures without worrying about misplaced accessories. From charging cables to camping gear, this power station has ample space to keep your essentials secure.

Designed with a unibody drop-proof design, it is built to withstand outdoor use. Whether it’s accidental drops or rough terrain, this Ankert portable power station is built to last, ensuring reliable performance even in rugged environments.

Experience the freedom of portable power with the SOLIX C800. Get yours today and stay charged and connected wherever you wind up.

Quick Specs Overview

  • 768Wh and High-Performing 1200W Rated Power
  • No Energy Limits with 1600W SurgePad Tech
  • Built-In Storage Keeps Gear Safe and Organized
  • 6× Longer-Lasting LFP Batteries with 3,000 Cycles
  • HyperFast™ Recharging to 100% in 58 Mins
  • 10 Ports Connect Multiple Devices
  • 300W Max Solar Input
  • Remote App Control