Anker 551 USB-C Hub & Tablet Stand (8-in-1)

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Turn your tablet into the perfect workstation and enjoy powerful charging capabilities with Anker 551 USB-C Hub & Tablet Stand (8-in-1).


Discover the awesome Anker 551 USB-C Hub & Tablet Stand – your versatile companion for enhanced connectivity and ergonomic comfort. Designed with flexibility and functionality in mind, this 8-in-1 hub and tablet stand combo is the perfect addition to your workstation or home office setup.

Experience the convenience of a foldable and flexible design with this Anker USB-C hub.

Whether you’re working on your tablet or connecting peripherals to your laptop, this hub and stand combo adapts to your needs, providing the perfect angle for optimal viewing and typing comfort.

With fast file transfer capabilities, Anker 551 ensures efficient data transfer between your devices. Share files, photos, and videos seamlessly, so you can collaborate with colleagues or enjoy multimedia content without delays.

Compatible with iOS, MAC OS, and Windows devices, the Anker 551 hub offers universal compatibility across a wide range of platforms. Whether you’re using an iPad, MacBook, or Windows laptop, you can trust that this hub will seamlessly integrate into your setup.

Featuring an anti-slip design, this hub and stand combo provides stability and security for your tablet. Say goodbye to slips and slides – with this hub and stand combo, your device stays firmly in place, allowing you to work with confidence.

Enjoy pass-through charging capability ensuring that your devices stay powered up and ready to go at all times. Upgrade your workstation with the Anker 551 USB-C Hub & Tablet Stand. Get yours today and enjoy enhanced connectivity and comfort while you work or play.

Quick Specs Overview

    • USB-C Power Delivery input port
    • 4K HDMI port
    • 2 USB-A data ports
    • 3.5 mm AUX port
    • microSD / SD card slots
    • Compatible with iOS, MAC OS and Windows
    • Not compatible with Android devices